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Small turbine, big possibilities.

Turbine meters for low viscosity,
non-aggressive liquids.

The small turbine meter VISION measurement technology is ideal for the accurate measurement of small flow rates, such as for the flow of water, deionized water, cooling water in the semiconductor industry, brewing water or heated water in coffee machines and also to measure the flow of cooling water in laser systems. In addition to the targeted dosing of flow quantities, VISION turbine meters also contribute to the ensuring improved internal component protection for devices like steam cookers in large kitchens, which contributes to longer durability of the machines.
The VISION 1000 series is most suited for small flow rates up to 2.5 l/min. The VISION series 2000 can be used in applications from 0.5 to 35 l/min and the VISION 3000 series offers a wider flow range of 5 to 65 l/min.

  • For measurement of small flow rates
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Easy installation
  • Operates in any mounting position
  • No maintenance
  • High operating pressure
  • Quick response time
  • Temperature range from -20° to +100° C
  • Various mechanical and electrical connections available


All VISION turbine flow meters are ideally suited for the accurate measurement of small flow rates and can be mounted in any position. The small turbine meters measure the instantaneous flow rate and meter the flow quantity. The housing of all turbine meters is made of Trogamid, while the medium-sized turbine VISION 2000 is also available with brass housings. In addition to the standard DIN plug, the VISION turbines are also available with AMP Faston, 3 flat plug or cable connection.


Turbine meter vision 1000

Flow range: 0.1 to 2.5 l/min
Operating pressure: up to 25 bar


Turbine meter vision 2000

Flow range: 0.5 to 35 l/min
Operating pressure: up to 25 bar


Turbine meter vision 3000

Flow range: 5 to 65 l/min
Operating pressure: up to 25 bar


ILR display

The ILR 700 electronic display is available in two versions (ILR 701T and ILR 750T) and three models to display the instant flow and total flow rate :

  • As a wireless display, for remote reading of total flow rate over a 5 m range for the VISION 1000, 2000 and 3000 meters. Battery-powered (1 x CR123A battery), with 2,4 GHz radio frequency (model ILR 701T)
  • As a battery-powered, meter mounted display providing instant and total flow rate for the VISION 2000 and VISION 3000 (model ILR 701T and ILR 750T)
  • As a wired version for remote reading for all VISION turbine meters (model ILR 701T and ILR 750T)

Measuring principle

Turbine meters are volumetric meters. When the fluid passes through, a rotor is activated and the movement is either electronically or mechanically transmitted outside. The rotor is turned by the fluid force, proportional to the flow rate. A Hall effect sensor detects the passage of the rotor and supplies pulses, which can be utilized for digital or analogue signal processing. The generated pulses are specified as the K-factor. The large number of pulses provides high resolution. As the mass of the turbine is very small the response time is very short. It is not necessary to install a straight length of pipeline at the upstream side of the meter.


VISION meters are best suited for the flow measurement of liquids like demineralized water, alkaline solutions, oils/salad oil, fuel oil, beverage, water solutions or for fuel and fuel consumption. They are especially ideal for washing machines and dish washers, coffee machines, laser cooling systems, solar plants or bakery and steam cooking machines in large kitchen plants.

Get the brochure

The overview brochure contains all technical data, such as flow volume, viscosity range, housing material, accuracy and also shows all versions of the compact VISION turbine flow meters. A selection of application examples provides an indication of which kind of flow rates can be measured with the VISION turbine meters.

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